Arrivederci, Italia!

Leaving Naples with a strong feeling of content and appreciation…

During the 3 months I spent here I met with incredible individuals, tried so many different things, challenged myself and rested and had fun, and created…

Naples was the best lover I could have here in Italy… It surprised me every day (with each new street and new place I got to see), made me laugh (with the cute customs of the people here- as lifting a box tied with a rope from the balcony to give something to someone else who is down on the street), challenged me in various ways and was my companion through everything.

Thousands of times a day people were helping me: to get from one point to another, to get to know the city to be a part of the community, to learn Italian, to be warm, not to be hungry, to continue being the person that I am and to evolve…

I have deep confidence in the world and deep faith in what is to come.

People are amazing. Life is so exciting!

And, Naples, I will come back…Image

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