Way to God?

Hi everyone. I have a question. Do you feel you get closer to God by being celibate or by practicing sexuality?

(a question I found in a Tantric Therapy group which got me curious to hear your answers as well!)

1) In a way, I’d say it’s irrelevant. You can get also closer to God through skateboarding. And you can get further from God through sexuality, if not practiced from a conscious, aware intention. It’s really all about your focus, your desire, your intention of what you’re seeking in your life. Sexuality is one powerful avenue, but powerful energies can push you away from truth and source as equally as they can bring you closer.

2) I feel every experience whether considered good, bad, holy, sin etc…takes us closer to god….there is nowhere that god is not…. creating a difference within ourselves, not honoring and loving the darkest parts of our self creates imbalance in that relationship…. for me I feel that everything leads to self awareness of who we are and our relationship with the whole…yes to sex, yes to celibacy, yes to divine partnership and yes to casual relations…when we balance the divine masculine/feminine within, the choices we make externally adjust accordingly…. much love

3) I do think gender can play a role, however when it comes to tantrikers, sexual energy is no longer necessarily connected to all the usual biological factors (external). I think celibacy versus being sexually active becomes more a matter of choice (internal). Also Tantra is a path to ultimately transcending all attachments including the attachment to sexuality. So when sexual desire has been fulfilled on a deep level, the need for sexual exchange becomes less urgent. Both external and internal factors have played a role in forming my own celibacy, which I am really enjoying. I am finding that I have more time & more energy for other things that I had when I had sexual partners. I also find that I have more inner freedom.

These are 3 interesting opinions I read and more or less agree with. What about you?Image

3 thoughts on “Way to God?

  1. Alex Kyselyov says:

    there is no god, above us only sky. at least there is no feedback from any god. so whatever you do trying to find way to him is just your personal illusion and your god from outter something can be even disappointed by your actions. therefore, nothing matters, people should do what is most comfortable to them, according to their internal feelings at the moment. if you have a nice chance to fuck, i mean if you feel you really want it now with certain person and it is mutual, do it, if not, there are plenty of other opportunities you can enjoy, no time for frustration.

    • maginazer says:

      Dear Sasha,
      this post of yours surprises me a lot! I hope this is not what you truly believe in. In fact, I might claim that I have met God. that He/She has indeed given me feedback or let me know of his/her presence.
      Moreover, the question was aiming at a rather different discussion- can we reach God through our sexuality or is our sexuality something that separate us from God in some ways : )
      Anyway, thanks for joining the discussion! I value your imput : )

      • Alex Kyselyov says:

        Of course, you might claim it, but there is no way to prove it. Hypothesis is not falsifiable. You may believe that your way is right, but even if not god cannot influence on it. Even in traditional religions there are different interpretations of His/Her will. For answers you should like inside you, but any outcomes of your research are not universal but unique, I believe there is no standart. To be open about your sexuality is great, often inspiring, but sometimes may be not constructive. Celibacy, on the contrary, supposed to be more constructive cause all your sexual energy is not wasted on looking for a partner and cumming and so that can be used in other dimension. it is called sublimation.
        Anyway, what I meant that your single way of sexual behavior in general doesn`t matter while reaching god. It is floating, it depend on your feeling at the moment. If you feel it right right now, it is ok, there is no need to check your current feeling of inner comfort with general policy you have adopted week ago.
        If you decided that sex is a tool, but at the moment you are not excited of being engaged into another one-night stand or was unsuccessful in finding a partner, don`t upset, try another tool. And vice verse.

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