Mindfulness is the fruit of a loving spirit

I was thinking about acceptance and being in peace with yourself and with the others and then I reminded myself of a situation which took place during my stay in Bali after the Global Youth Forum.

I was couchsurfing with some people and we always stayed late in the night and then hoped to get up early the next day. I could not set up an alarm and I asked the others to wake us up somewhat early so that we could proceed with the day, see and do as much as possible…

The next day I woke up on my own just to see that it was almost mid day and I couldnt help it but got angry because evreyone else was awake, doing their things, waiting for me to awake on my own. But we have agreed that whoever wakes up first, wakes up the others!

I felt uneasy, but then realised: there was such great kindness in this little act! They tought I was too tired and wanted to leave me sleep even if that meant we would have had less time to explore… Such a little act carried so much love!

I love being able to explore concepts through examples. Not that they can ultimately depict them, but I think it is so much easier to comprehend.

And the lesson learned is to be aware and to try to see why people do what they do, instead of just reacting. And then we can be greatly surprised!Image

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