One year after my Peace Revolution : )

A few thoughts on my Thailand experience one year later…

My Peace Revolution fellowship is by all means my most valuable experience so far. I can talk about its impact on me for hours. Even before I got to Thailand I benefited greatly: the preparational program helped me become more aware of my actions and thinking patterns and reduce my anxiety.

The program itself introduced me to a whole new world of perception: my talks with the Thai monks and my conscious efforts to take the most of this incredible experience resulted in a major shift in thinking, which helped me become a more balanced person and intensify my personal development.

There are a few things that deeply touched me and inspired me: first, I found the °definition° of Happiness which was shared by one of the monks to be profound. He told us that Happiness in Buddhist terms is to be content no matter where you are, what you do or who you are with. We always need something to be happy, we let our happiness to depend on things outside of us, while it is all about our attitude and dedication to happiness. But only when we learn to be happy no matter of the outside factors, we are truly free and we can experience happiness in all its shapes and forms. Many people I shared this notion with asked me: °But won’t you still be happier with some people over some other ones, for example? And what is the point if you do so?°

What I realized after I started practicing this is that the more present you are and the more accepting of the reality you become, you realize that every experience in your life is a gift, everything- no matter if we call it good or bad- is here to challenge you to become better. And in fact you simply stop comparing, because you realize it is not about more or less happiness, but about different happiness.

Another concept I was introduced to was the idea of non-attachment and letting go. This is again very much connected to being present, experiencing here and now and letting go of expectations towards people, outcomes, etc. We have been thought that Love is not Love if there is no attachment and no suffering. Attachment is dependence towards another person: to feel insecure without this person and to let your well-being depends on the choices that he-she makes. This creates expectation towards the future as well as towards your partner, reduces your self-responsibility and suggests that you are not a whole entity on your own, but need someone outside of you to complete you.

The third major thing I learnt was that IT IS possible to change, to live otherwise, to be in control of yourself, to manage your actions and emotions for the improvement of the quality of life of both yourself and those around you. And that all the Universe is in fact striving to help you to do so!

Why only read about it and not try it out?

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