Letting go is easy!


Today I let go of a person who kept holding me back despite my willingness to grow. To completely let go of someone may seem like a most difficult task, but in fact it is not. It is easy and it is natural when this is what it takes for the two individuals to go on. I am tired of relationships of all kinds in which emotional hijacking is normal and in which I have to be someone else to make another person happy with himself.

I want to communicate and be around people who will share with me their ideas, time and love because they believe I have something valuable to give them myself- I want the best for myself but I do not want to get it by anything less than giving the best of myself.

I am thankful to the people who are helping me as I walk my Way, yet P do not feel weakened by their help and I will not let them make me feel weak for whatever reason- I believe that we all take part in a magical process of constant sharing of energy, ideas and resources. Someone help me in one way, I help him in another or I help someone else and yet the energy gets back to him. I know it works and I have great trust in this cycle.

Yet, I must gain the strenght to be tough when its needed and not to support destructive models of thinking and behavior, even if it is through my trying to help someone when he obviously does not want to be helped.

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