We all make choices; but in the end our choices make us!

Today I got Josef Murphy’s “The power of your subconscious mind”, which was given to me for my participation at MUN. When I first saw it, I told myself I have read enough on this. I actually wanted Julia’s book on self-development and spirituality tecniques, but I decide to believe that it is the exact reading I have to do at this very moment. You know- I have come to realise that we get exactly what we need in perfect timing.
As I catch myself striving for more, I try to teach myself patience and trust in the processes that must take place. And as I try to put some restraints to my unconscious thoughts that try to push me back to the thinking models I have chosen not to follow, I realise the power of the choices that I make. And these I don’t.
I do believe in the butterfly effect and I do believe a small change makes a huge difference. A book I read changes the way I perceive things totally. A person I meet and I let into my life can make it all different for good but in more or less pleasant way
There must be responsibility in our choices. And as much as I believe that everyone, everything teaches us so much, I understand that this should all be balanced once again. And we should create time and space for our priorities to take place. And I can not let myself welcome just random people into my life because I might be scared of being lonely…

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