Camino de Santiago: Day 3- Mountain to cross, will to be streightened


Day 3 of the Camino de Santiago: Davide has warned me that I should not sleep until late as usual as I have to cross the mountains today so I get up at 8 and leave as soon as possible. The peak is about 8 kilometres far away and I am already tired. I walk a lot as the road goes through the forest and is too rocky for me to go with the bike.

When I arrive at the next little village on the way and fill my bottle with water I pass a little restaurant and hear someone calling my name. As I turn I see Terry smiling at me and I feel ashamed that even the 70-years-old guy has been faster than me… He asks me to join him and we drink something together again and then he leaves me. As I am still resting the three French ladies I had met the day before arrive at the village, smiling, happy and content with themselves. They have been doing the Camino for 9 years, every year doing a week of trekking, starting from the place they had left the time before. They had estimated that they will get to Santiago in two years and I could only be amazed of how patient these women could be as well as how highly they valued this time they had created for themselves alone. This whole energy again coming from some people in their sixties…

I continued deciding to take the road for the cars to make it at least a bit easier. The road was going higher and higher and it was almost impossible for me to keep on cycling. As I kept on trying however, I heard someone laughing from behind. The Polish guy behind me has been watching me for some time seeing me start and stop every 15 metres. We continued together, walking and talking and he even helped me push the bike for a kilometre. At the top of the mountain we took some photos with the huge cross surrounded by stones people brought from their countries and all kinds of belongings which people left as a symbol of what they would like to get rid of on their way to God, spirituality, higher consciousness or simply physical well-being.

As the road finally started to get down, I left the Polish man and started descnding, almost flying with my bike, holding the brakes with as much strenght as I had left.

Now I could see the mountains in their whole beauty and might. The view and all the insanely sloppy roads were taking my breath. I passed the next 15 kilometres in about 20 minnutes, just beacuse I had to stop and watch and try to remember. When I saw Molinaseca hiding in between the next mountains with its church and bridge standing proudly to greet the pilgrims, It felt as heaven…

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