Day 4: How could I suffer less? : D


Some more thoughts from my diary: How could I do better (so that I didnt suffer so much?)

The most important thing I realised could have improved the situation would have been for me to define my needs and wishes better. I didnt feel okey and I wanted to just go to bed (this is a need greater than my wish to get farther or to find a place with kitchen so that I could cook for myself). Even though I made many stops and tried to enjoy the nature and the whole process, after a certain point nothing was working anymore as my body simply needed something completely different.

I think this is important just because many times in Life we push ourselves over our limits trying to achieve something without realising that sooner or later we arrive at a place where we just cant take it anymore and we have to stop for far longer than it would have taken if we have slowed down earlier.

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