Day 4: Where is the Joy?


Day 4 on the Camino de Santiago: I woke up feeling sick and powerless. Martin (the Polish guy I had met and had dinner with the previous day) came to say Bye and left as everyone else. I got off the bed and started to get ready. No hot water so no shower. Some other pilgrims helped me balance my backpack on the bike and I started climbing the hill slowly and painfully. Once in Ponferada, I hurried to change my clothes and had some nice tea while observing the people revolving aroung the medieval castle of the knights templars radiating a feeling of romance, adventure and freedom. On my way to get into the castle which magically had free entrance that day I met with the Italian couple I always meet up with as well as Martin. From the defense walls of the castle looking just as we might imagine from fairytales I was looking at the mountains and could not beieve I had made it through them…

 About 3 p.m. I once again hit the road trying to reach Villafranca or at least Cacabelos where Martin was about to stay. The road was uneven and I spent more time pushing than actually riding the bike. Cacbelos turned out to have only one albergue which was chirch´s property but yet it machine made tea costed 1 euro. Not completely satisfied with what was offered (mainly because there was no kitchen) I continued on my way to Villafranca which I was told was only 7 km away (however already in the mountains). This was another brave decision caused by total ignoranceas to what the terrain is like and vice versa. When I arrived at the city at last, I was misled as to where the nearest albergues which caused me once again go all the way up in the beggining of the village. At this point I could not hold it any more and cried. I was so tired, woudnt that just stop? As I st and cried I looked at myself from above and almost laughed t myself. Where was my strenght? My joy?

 Of course, you are happy and content when everything is okey and you are warm and healthy, yet I want my happiness nd well-being to be independent of the outside things. It must be possible.

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