The mind once stretched by a new experience never returns to its old dimensions!

The mind once stretched by a new experiences never returns to ots old dimensions!

Yes, indeed!
The first time I realised this was shortly after I came back from the European rainbow gathering in Slovakia.
As we went hitchiking to Slovakia, we had to overcome many challenges: walk for kilometres along the highway with our heavy backpacks, wait for hours for someone to pick us no matter of the extreme weather conditions. “How much more can I take?”- I was asking myself in desperation and yet I found out that my body and my mind have unlimited resources which kept me going far after I tought I had reached my limits.
I have arrived to an understanding that the more we look at the different situations as sufferning, the more pain and suffering we create for ourselves. Many times I could catch myself feeding this feeling of hopelesness, giving myself new reasons to feel bad. The moment you become aware of yourself and your thinking models you are a step away from improving your state. If only you wish.
As soon as you realise that whatever you do is your own choice and learn to view it all as a challenge to learn and grow, the pain goes away and your energy flows back into you.

The next time I had to hitchike for hours and walk for kilometres under the burning sun I found it relatively easy. Kilometres are kilometres. I believe it was all in my mind. I knew I had done well before and I knew I could manage to go through this next challenge and I did. Without much tension and with lots of joy and self-appreciation!

I believe that every time we are about to reach a new level of physical or mental endurance we have to stretch, to go out of our comfort zone and just give ourselves the chance to brake our own stereotypes about ourselves and simply enjoy!

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