What is it that really stops us to travel? Part 1

Couchsurfing in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

I am living the Life I have always wanted for myself. I have always wanted to travel. To be free and independent, to be an adventurer and to ride on th high waves of Life.To engage in conversations with people, to inspire them, to get inspired and to be a part of this constant exchange of positive vibes, high energy, ideas, love, encouragement and support that is taking place in the world with or without our knowing it.

The more I speak with people about travelling, the more I realise that what tends to stop them to travel themselves are some misconceptions which are either an offspring of contemporary media and literature and so are a twisted image of the reality or simply out-of-date facts.

First, many people think that travelling is only for people who are rich and that if you are travelling, then you are rich.

This might have been true in the previous ages as people have been more immobile in general, transportation being exclusively a part of the life of the aristocrats, If present at all, but it is everything, but a problem nowadays. Decent rodes are to be found almost everywhere around the Globe and travelling to both nearby and far away distances is definitely achievable. In addition to all the low cost companies (as Wizz air, Ryanair and more), travel can be frequent, relatively easy and almost for FREE, If you use modern inventions as Carpooling, websites as helpx.net, or even good old hitchiking.

Even finding a place where to sleep is no longer a problem with Global hospitality platforms as Couchsurfing or BeWelcome!

Food is yet another issue that might be resolved by buying cheap food from local supermarkets or local producers in small villages or simply cooking and eating in and not out.

Other people go a step further and try out dumpsterdiving: taking food which is about to be thrown because it is about to expire before it gets thrown in the garbage, taking left overs from restaurants (which is not necessarily as bad as it sounds! Especially, as people in Western Europe tend to throw lots of food without even touching it!).

In fact it is all about dedication to go further- literally and metaphorically as any of the ideas mentioned will challenge your concepts of thinking and habits in ways that you might have never expected, but which will most likely transform you in amazing ways you would have never expected!

In the end it all comes to what you really want from Life. Every time I have wanted something special to eat but not had the money to buy it while travelling cheaply and especially during my 6 months of travelling this year, I reminded myself I could  have stayed at home eat my mom’s amazing dishes and yet never go as far and as deep into knowing myself, the world and the processes that we all take place in. And this always fed me somehow!

Hitchiking to Slovakia

Hitchiking to Slovakia


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One thought on “What is it that really stops us to travel? Part 1

  1. rafavoa says:

    Great article! I totally understand what you say. And Im behind you in most of it. People have too many misconceptions about travelliing! And many times they use them as excuses not to do what they´d really want to. Sad but true.
    Just as I am sure also happens with you, I am sometimes scared while travelling too. What the heck am I going to eat today? I´m almost broke..how the hell am I going to get home? I dont know the language, nobody stops to give me a ride, oh God where is my passport… but in the end these are all just stories to tell in the future. You can always expect people to help you out!
    I hope to read more of these! I will need motivation during my crazy Polish trip!

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