The 2i Foundation Scholarships for Bulgarian students abroad

These are some of the expenses a Bulgarian student and his family would face while studying in the US:
Economics textbook                     = 1/2 a monthly salary*
Airfare                                       = 3 monthly salaries
Computer                                   = 2 monthly salaries

Undergraduate studies (in the US)  = 50 ANNUAL salaries

* based on an average monthly salary of €250 in Bulgaria (2011)

The 2i Foundation awards scholarships to selected applicants from a pool of qualified Bulgarian students accepted to study at universities abroad. Each scholarship is intended to support the student with the transition to a foreign university during his/her first year there. A prerequisite of the program is that the applicant is accepted to study at a university in the United States, UK, Germany or the Netherlands. The scholarships are awarded on a combination of merit and financial need.

founders_vsmallEach year two Bulgarian alumni who graduated from prestigious universities in the States- Ivo Djoubrailov and Ivo Kolev give scholarships to talented students just about to start their higher education in universities abroad. The mentorship program which accompanies the financial package received by the most distinguished is  designed to help first-year students have a smoother and easier transition to living and studying abroad, and empowers them to explore their interests and meet their goals!

If you are Bulgarian and you have been admitted to an institution for higher education abroad and would like to compete for a scholarship or find a mentor, check out the website:

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