4 Hindu Goddesses within you

This series of articles is inspired by the workshops given by my first teachers of Tantra- Mihal and Edyta from Poland, who I met during the European Rainbow Gathering in Greece and who led me with care and love through a deep and transforming exploration of my sexual energy. You can read more about their workshops in Amsterdam on their website.

The first Tantra workshop led by Mihal and Edyta which I went to was called “Tantra dancing”. In the theoretical part Edyta told us about the different aspects or archetypes of female (sexual) energy. Female energy is worshiped, celebrated and respected in tantra. Going deeper into understanding female energy comes with the prerequisite of understanding that all of us, no matter of our gender or sexual preference have both female and male energy. The two energies may be in differing proportions, more or less evident, but nonetheless present in ourselves.

Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Mohini and Kali are all parts of us which we can learn to distinguish, develop and express.

hindu-goddess-lakshmi-deviLakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of spiritual and material richness. She is the emobodiment of beauty and prosperity. Hinduists believe she is the keeper of peace at home: “Invite her and clean the floor for her”.

sarasvatikyabSarasvati is the artist Goddess in Hinduism. She is connected with arts, music and knowledge and is tought to be the companion of Brahma and so is his Shakti.


Mohini is less known yet very interesting. she is the childishly flirting Goddess of attraction.

Easy to be illustrated with the literary image of Lolita.

imagesKali is the most well-known of the Hindu Goddesses. She is best known for her destructive presence. She is madness, danger and anger. She is the strong warrior woman cutting men’s penises. She is often perceived as death itself and yet though of as a cleaning energy.

By recognizing the different aspects of female energy represented by the mentioned Goddesses we can consciously learn to use them. And while Goddesses just like women can be very different and contrasting, all aspects of female energy are Love in their essence.

In the following ritual we all got the opportunity to consciously play with the different aspects of our female energy. I, for example, felt that Mohini is the most dominant manifestation of my sexual energy and yet gained interesting observations on the influence of the other three goddesses on the way I move, communicate, touch and reflect on everything that is happening.

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