Raw Food Advantages

This series of articles is inspired by the generous information shared by raw food eater Arad Nir from Israel during his workshop at the European Rainbow Gathering in Greece on 3rd of August 2013.

To eat a huge meal and then go to bed seems to be possible only in movies or in case you are a raw food eater.

I joined the Raw Food Worksop by chance just because it was the closest one happening where I was that day. I have been *thinking about* making a change in my eating habits for some time now yet everything is still in the form of intentions. Packed with all this valuable information that I will release for everyone to read, however, I think that change is just around the corner now!

So, why eating raw food is good?Arranged Vegetables Creating a Face

First, of all raw food makes you feel light. Less gibbosity and more energy to move and stay active throughout the day are just a few of the positive effects to consider.

Personally, I LOVE food. And while sometimes I can eat very little and be fine, many times I’m at home I eat way too much! And while you have to constantly restrain yourself with cooked food and meat ( so that you don’t gain weight and you don’t have too much fats and so on), raw food eaters can eat just as much as they like, as it is hard to overeat with raw food. This has a simple explanation: when you eat pasta, for example, it does not fill yoyr stomach as you eat the food, so you do not feel fed and keep on eating more an more. This does not happen with veggies and fruits, so we eat just enough to get fed and not feel too full to move.

Statistics show that most of modern women spend about 2,5 years of their lives cooking., which is indeed reduced compared to an average of 6 years for women of the sixties. Another great benefit of raw food eating is you don’t have to cook at all! You just chop the carrots or take the skin of the cuccumber and eat :).

And while I could not find any data telling us how much time we spend on dish washing, I can tell it is not way behind. In the context of raw food eating, it is good to mention that washing dishes take a minute, especially as most raw food eaters reduce the use of oil for avocado, which means you can just run water on the dishes after each meal for them to look perfectly clean and ready to use again!

Moreover, raw food consist of lots of fiber and water. Fiber decrease the risk of cancer, improves blood sugar control, have no caloric value, lower cholesterol and much more. Water is the most crutial ingridient of our body and the one we need the most to be healthy, look good and be active.

These are just some of the reasons to consider becoming a raw food eater or jsut adding more raw food to your daily menu! Try it out and share your observations!

♥Maggie Nazer is a social entrepreneur, activist, blogger and current Middlebury college student.

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