Say “Yes!”

I simply Love, Love, Love this movie!

“Yes man” is a movie about saying “Yes!” to Life’s opportunities and moreover- recognizing them! Life is full of miracles and wonders, Love, Joy, Fun, Friendship, Learning and Growth. In every moment and at any place. It is all about taking self-responsibility for our feelings and actions, and understanding we DO hold the key to our happiness.

If we need Love in our lives, is it really that it is missing or is it that we are just too scared to go out of the door, out of our comfort zones and just go out, meet with friends, go to a club or have a walk in the park. Love is in the air for real!

Just as I sit on this bench reading my book and this cute boy comes along and sits right next to me and I say “Yes!” to smiling to him, I say “Yes!” to starting a conversation, I say “Yes!” to my silly (?) thought of giving him my Facebook just for the sake of saying “Yes!” to being alive and in love with Love. (And he did call me. And we did have a great time on our first date. Andwe did kiss. And how nice it is not to know what will happen, how exciting!)

The world is a playground. Yes.

♥Maggie Nazer is a social entrepreneur, activist, blogger and current Middlebury college student.

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