Coming out (Interview)

541212_10151055708530028_345130583_nThe Ancient Greeks believed that being enthusiastic is being possessed by a divine power or by the presence of God, himself. Such a person can do just as much as he can think of, for he acts out of love and desire to create and his every word and every action falls into place and is meant to succeed.

I met Marko two years ago, while organizing the first Human Libraries in Bulgaria together with my friends from the Students’ society for charity and volunteering. Our aim was to introduce our guests with inspiring with their action, motivation and passion individuals succeeded to brake all stereotypes they have been fit into.

Marko’s ability to inspire people is revealed on a daily basis as he helps people be truthfull to themselves, gain confidence and reveal themselves to a society that still needs to be taught acceptance.

Learn more through the following interview:

1.                 936320_10151432475780028_611643684_nWho are You? Tell us about yourself!  I am, well, Marko :). I’m 27 years old, born and living in Bulgaria. I am passionate about cinema and human rights. Apart from my full-time job at a film-distributing company, I work for an LGBT youth organization that I created.

2.                  What motivates you to be the leader of Sofia’s youth LGBT community- the largest one in the country? That’s easy – my personal background. Everything I do, I do it for the 12-year-old me, who would spend too many years fighting with himself and searching for hope and acceptance.

3.                  What are your duties in the organization and which of your tasks inspire you the most? My duties cover everything, more or less. What inspires me the most is the feedback we receive from young people around the country, including those in the support groups we run on weekly bases.

           What are the greatest challenges that you face in your organization and in your life and how do you overcome them?272283_10150212910935028_6400144_o The toughest part is finding people who care and are motivated to volunteer. I do my best to inspire folks and keep them motivated. Another challenge is forcing myself to let go of some of the responsibilities and let other do the job J

             Tell us about your book project “My coming out“- how did you come up with the idea, how many people did it reach, what is its development in the last months, will there be a new edition? The idea started with a website. I was inspired by my own growing up. It was the personal coming out stories I found on the Internet (all in English) that helped me the most on my way to self-acceptance. I wanted to develop a tool for young people in Bulgaria to help each other by sharing their stories. The book got some fantastic media coverage and is selling well. You are the first who will learn that this October we will release an electronic edition for free 🙂

                       Why do you think what you do is important? What do you think should still be done? Because it actually helps people. It makes their lives better, fuller, and happier. What needs to be done is to somehow get all these people out there inspired to start caring and join the movement.529737_10150741529215028_1054683699_nRead more about Youth LGBT Organization “Action” HERE


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