Sleepless in Bali

1016146_10201364659109467_13808643_nFrom my diary on 3rd of December 2012

I’ve been here for some hours now and as I couldn’t sleep decided to get up and get my thoughts on the paper. Life is amazing! I live my Life just as I want and thank God for the beauty and the love my life radiates with.

Earlier on the plane I just couldn’t believe it. Not that it is my first time abroad, but going to Bali to attend a UN conference (The Global Youth Forum) just seem to be more than I have wished for.Or exactly what I have been dreaming about with the craziness and naivity of a child.

It was hard to get asleep and I was anxious and a little afraid. The moment I got out of the airport the humid air filled my lungs and my senses got insane because of all the colours, noises, people around. But then again this is my Life- It is not that I am fearless, but then I go all the way to the end, live it all and raise myself beyond the scare.

Today I’m in Bali. I have flown around the worldto be here. I won’t get scared and change my attitude because of what society intends to make me believe. I have both the woman and the man in myself and other people’s not seeing it can be only dangerous for themselves.

I would not fear. I want to live in a world where people smile at each other and keep the eye contact. I want to live in a world where people hug even after they have talked and known each other for 10 minutes.

And I am responsible for the creation of this world. With my actions, with my inner light and radiant energy, with my speech, with my gaze, with my touch and with my smile I reshape the World…


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