Where do we go now?

Tonight I went to the screening of the movie “Where do we go now” organized by the Arabic Department in Middlebury College. The movie was by all means one of the best I have seen.

A remote Lebanese village inhabited by Christians and Muslims has found the way to peaceful coexistence. Respect and brotherly love are being spread until outside conflicts between representatives of the two religions start to cast doubt on the feasibility of maintaining peace. A series of accidents cause the outbreak of violence between the men of the village and women have to take control of the situation and prevent the happening of what now seems inevitable.

Drastical measures are taken in order to cool down the men and reinforce peace: Ukranian show-girls are paid to stay in the village for a week, so that men will be distracted; hash-brownies and sweets are prepared and served to bring everyone together. While the male population of the village is enjoying the effects of the hashish and the moves of the Ukranian dance-girls, their mothers and wives hide all their reserves of guns and at least seemingly change their faith for the other one.

This is a profound and engaging story about the strength of love and the value of life, which resonates with us not only on a personal level, but on a grater scale as well: for peace should be everyone’s responsibility and everyone’s priority to keep an eye on.

Where Do We Go Now Trailer 2012 – Official movie trailer in HD – from Lebanese Writer/Director/Actress Nadine Labaki (“Caramel”) – a heart-warming tale of a group of women’s determination to protect their community from the outside forces that threaten to destroy it.

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