Little Daily Insight #4 “What’s the point?”

421869_3408393179614_460086172_nI think the turning point of all is when you ask yourself the question: “What is the point? Is there any point at all?”.

The heaviness of this question often overweights everything else.

Yet, reminding myself of the times when I was a High School senior teaching non-formal education classes to 7-graders in a school nearby Sofia, I figured I have asked myself this questions far too many times.

Pretty much every time I had started anything I am now proud of. It hasn’t been easy.

So, I guess that facing this question is not at all what we should worry about. I believe that everyone who is dedicated to doing anything good goes through it over and over again and it’s great since it pushes us to truly be change-makers. Thus, if there is anything we should be concerned about it is not letting ourselves be crushed by the gravity of the question, but creating meaning where we see none…

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