Little Daily Insight: A Boston memory

Panoramic_Boston I’m on the metro, leaving the city to go to New York, squeezed by the bodies around me, sweating in an effort to keep my luggage out of people’s way, trying to stick out my face from the pulsating mass of people in order to breathe. Across me is a young man. He has nice features. He smiles to me, but I gaze to the side- my hair’s WAY TOO messy!
Then again I look back, he smiles again (but he probably laughs quietly from the inside) and I smile, too. At the next station people get on and off the train and we get pushed even closer to each other. He has paint all over his jacket. He’s probably a construction worker.
–The metro is the most unfriendliest place to be in- he says and I look at him again, this time holding on to the eye contact: how often do you find yourself so close to someone and never say a word?
I smile again. We talk. I leave.
We should have hugged… Or haven’t we?

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