About me

maggiMaggie Nazer is a 28-year old Bulgarian-Palestinian. She is a feminist, queer, social entrepreneur and educator based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Maggie has a bachelor degree in Sociology from Middlebury college, VT, USA, and is currently pursuing a MA degree in “History of Women and Gender” at Sofia University. She is the founder and executive director of Foundation “SolidarityWorks”. In 2022 Maggie discovered the practice of Radical Honesty, and began dreaming about becoming a Radical honesty trainer.

Maggie is a committed advocate for gender equality, women empowerment and domestic violence prevention. She has interned with UNDP in Jordan, carried out independent research with the Population Council in Sierra Leone, organized leadership trainings for youth on the West Bank (Palestine), and represented Bulgaria as a youth delegate to world summits in Thailand, Indonesia, and USA.

A Mayan “White Worldbridger”, Maggie is continuously trying to develop herself as an agent of connection, and to improve her capacity to interweave realities, to go beyond beliefs of limitation, and to continually shed concepts of self in order to be renewed as a way to contribute to solidarity, empathy and understanding among different social groups.

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