About me

A 24-year old Bulgarian-Palestinian, Maggie Nazer recently graduated from Middlebury college in Vermont with an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Arabic. Maggie’s “career” as a changemaker first began as a primary student when she organized fundraising initiatives to support local youth in need. At the age of 15, she started a youth-led NGO in Bulgaria implementing tens of community service and awareness raising initiatives, as well as international youth exchange projects.

During her studies in the US, Maggie continued to advocate for and work towards her main interests including youth empowerment, gender equality and access to education through various roles. She interned with UNDP in Jordan, carried out independent research with the Population Council in Sierra Leone, organized leadership trainings for youth on the West Bank, and represented Bulgaria as a youth delegate to world summits in Thailand, Indonesia, and USA.

Knowing first hand the power of foreign language to give one access to new cultures, peoples, lifestyles, ways of thinking, as well as better educational opportunities, in 2016 Maggie founded a social enterprise with unique educational philosophy. The company, called Immersion Academy Bulgaria, creates an authentic environment where youth practice and develop their language skills with peers and native speakers 24/7. Moreover, the organization offers a unique curriculum sensitive to students interests and passions, and trains them to be critical, creative and cosmopolitan thinkers, as well as leaders.

Get in touch with Maggie at magi.nazer@gmail.com


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