Destination Recreation: Christmas Tree Farms

Destination Recreation: Christmas Tree Farms. Here I am on the Vermont WCAX TV Channel Check out the vid and don't mind my hair! MIDDLEBURY, Vt. - WCAX Whether it's already cut and waiting or still hiding in the field, a tree farm can hold that perfect centerpiece for your holiday living room. And at Werner … Continue reading Destination Recreation: Christmas Tree Farms

Metta Orientation

Amidst all the confusion and exhaustion of Orientation our Middview trips made it possible for us to run away from shaking hands and urging to remember as many names as possible. This was an opportunity to ground yourself, reflect on what being yourself at this new place would be like and in the same time- spend … Continue reading Metta Orientation

Interview (with) me!

This interview was first published in Mladiinfo's Artcle zone! Interview done by Emilija Georgievska Magi Nazer is a 19-year-old girl from Bulgaria with an amazing background in the NGO sector. In fact, I am pretty sure that you would never expect for such a young person to have been to Thailand and Bali. Well, this … Continue reading Interview (with) me!

Meditation, Self-discipline and I

This article was first published in Public Republic magazine : ) I have been involved in an online course of meditation for a couple of weeks now. This is the Peace revolution Self-Development program which you can easily get signed up for. In order to give you the chance to get to know a bit … Continue reading Meditation, Self-discipline and I

How can YOU help reduce poverty

During my participation in the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Summer Institute in Wake Forest University, NC, USA we all made some 5 $ donations which were used to provide loans to people from the third world countries. The process is more than easy and the system is rather good. If you have some spare money you … Continue reading How can YOU help reduce poverty

What is it that really stops us to travel? Part 1

I am living the Life I have always wanted for myself. I have always wanted to travel. To be free and independent, to be an adventurer and to ride on th high waves of Life.To engage in conversations with people, to inspire them, to get inspired and to be a part of this constant exchange … Continue reading What is it that really stops us to travel? Part 1

One year after my Peace Revolution : )

A few thoughts on my Thailand experience one year later... My Peace Revolution fellowship is by all means my most valuable experience so far. I can talk about its impact on me for hours. Even before I got to Thailand I benefited greatly: the preparational program helped me become more aware of my actions and … Continue reading One year after my Peace Revolution : )