6 must-watch Italian movies

"The Great Beauty" is a thought-provoking story set up in the vibrant city of Rome. It raises questions about priviledge, affluence and ultimately- the purpose of life and the quality of the well-lived life, while sarcastically describing the life in the ancient capital of lust and sin and encapsulating the senses with the high quality … Continue reading 6 must-watch Italian movies

Ajami: when life bears no value

Ajami is a skillfully produced movie with an intense plot developed through the use of exciting cinematographic approaches. The narrator of the tragic Israeli-Palestinian tale about human suffering is a young boy called Nasri whose family is deeply troubled. His uncle gets into a conflict with a local gang which then attempts to kill him … Continue reading Ajami: when life bears no value

“Milk”: the story of the making of LGBT rights

This is a biographical movie I watched this week with some people from Ross- my residence hall here at Middlebury. The movie was meant to inspire conversation about LGBT issues since the recent act of hatred against a girl associating with the LGBT community who has received a threatening note. The movie tells the story … Continue reading “Milk”: the story of the making of LGBT rights

Where do we go now?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-Te9c2jReOg Tonight I went to the screening of the movie "Where do we go now" organized by the Arabic Department in Middlebury College. The movie was by all means one of the best I have seen. A remote Lebanese village inhabited by Christians and Muslims has found the way to peaceful coexistence. Respect and brotherly … Continue reading Where do we go now?

Say “Yes!”

I simply Love, Love, Love this movie! "Yes man" is a movie about saying "Yes!" to Life's opportunities and moreover- recognizing them! Life is full of miracles and wonders, Love, Joy, Fun, Friendship, Learning and Growth. In every moment and at any place. It is all about taking self-responsibility for our feelings and actions, and … Continue reading Say “Yes!”