Marina Abramovich: Art and Love

“The artist is present”, a documentary about the exceptional modern artist Marina Abramovich, is a transforming introspection into the life of the now 67-year old Yugoslavian artist whose daring art works have redefined art for good. Marina Abramovich puts on stage everything that is considered unthinkable. Her works are so provocative, so radically different from … Continue reading Marina Abramovich: Art and Love

First video interview: Intro to Tantra

This is a video in which I interview my Tantra reacher Marek Griks from Poland on questions related to Tantra and his own experience with it. Marek is a passionate activist of tantric spirituality and sexuality, and believes that as a practice tantra is not only a key to personal enlightment, insight, improved love making, … Continue reading First video interview: Intro to Tantra