Little Daily Insight: you WILL get hurt

The simple truth is that If you are a closed-off, fearful, unapproachable, reserved person, you will get hurt a few times in life. And even if you are the most open, brave, honest and loving person, you will still get hurt a few times in Life. So, as it seems, the fact that you'll get … Continue reading Little Daily Insight: you WILL get hurt

Little Daily Insight #4 “What’s the point?”

I think the turning point of all is when you ask yourself the question: "What is the point? Is there any point at all?". The heaviness of this question often overweights everything else. Yet, reminding myself of the times when I was a High School senior teaching non-formal education classes to 7-graders in a school … Continue reading Little Daily Insight #4 “What’s the point?”

Little daily insight #2

Something I found within my collection of letters which I once again need to practice: What I have personally found is that The secret of living is giving. You are very close to this already, I believe. Yet, I suspect there is a big chance that you might miss something that is not so easy … Continue reading Little daily insight #2

Little daily insight #1

I just got back from my Creative process class and the performance of the personal songs we had to create and demonstrate. During one of our classes the previous week we did a series of free writing samples. Our task this time was to use almost randomly extracted stanzas out of these pieces of writing and create … Continue reading Little daily insight #1