Female Smoking in Jordan: women as a “Dangerous Class”

Not long ago coffee shops in Jordan were attended only by males, while women spent their leisure time within the confines of the home where they could be protected and supervised by relatives and neighbors. These times are now changing, although many women from religious or rural background do not enjoy the same freedoms as their more liberal, urban counterparts who take pleasure in walking around the many shopping malls in Amman and frequent its numerous coffee shops. Underneath the preoccupations with women’s respectability and morality surfacing in the discourse against female smoking is a desire to suppress the transformation of women’s status in Jordanian society.

“Аз, майка ми и свекървата”: възприятия за домашния труд около празниците на български майки

Проведената онлайн анкета с 51 български майки показа, че въпреки това, че респондентките докладват, че извършват основните или всички задължения, свързани с посрещането на коледните и новогодишните празници, а партньорите им (мъже) отговарят за значително по-малко аспекти на приготовленията, мнозинството от тях не желае промяна на разпределението на задълженията. 

Sigara wa Kass (1955): a gendered portrayal of addiction, pleasure and productivity in Egyptian cinema

In her seminal work, The Resisting Reader (1978), Judith Fetterley argues for the need to challenge dominant readings of literature by producing new, “resisting” readings of classical texts as a way to change their impact on us and to make their agendas palpable (Fetterley, 1978). Some of Fetterley’s main contributions are her arguments that for … Continue reading Sigara wa Kass (1955): a gendered portrayal of addiction, pleasure and productivity in Egyptian cinema

„Кой можеше да си помисли?“: смесените бракове по време на социализма в България като предизвикателство срещу социалните норми, дързост на въображението и ключ към други светове

За смесените бракове по време на социалистическия период в България почти не съществуват исторически източници. Дълбочинните интервюта с хора, живели по това време и имащи отношение по темата, биха могли да запълнят празнините в съществуващите исторически знания и да ни разкрият цяло богатство от малко известни детайли за ежедневието, социалните отношения и възприятията, които едва ли можем да си набавим по друг начин. Биографичното не само има място в историята, но и й дава плът.

A reminder to myself to always choose Love over Fear

Today and every day, choose love over fear until it becomes your habit. Wayne Dyer Today I reminded myself of the time I was freer. Back when I could Love without fear, and find strength in vulnerability. In the past months I have grown afraid of potentially hurting others and being hurt which naturally limited … Continue reading A reminder to myself to always choose Love over Fear

10 Tantric insights to transform the sexual experience

“In your body, there exists a subtle current of electricity, very subtle. But the subtler it is, the deeper it goes. It is not very visible. Scientists say that all the electricity that is in your body, if put together, can be used to light a five-candle bulb. It is not much. Quantitatively it is … Continue reading 10 Tantric insights to transform the sexual experience

Happy St Valentine’s Day!

"I’m never gonna wait that extra twenty minutes to text you back, and I’m never gonna play hard to get when I know your life has been hard enough already. When we all know everyone’s life has been hard enough already. It’s hard to watch the game we make of love, like everyone’s playing checkers … Continue reading Happy St Valentine’s Day!

10 realistic rules for good non-monogamous relationships

Some great insight into making polyamorous relationship work and clarifying one own’s needs and preferences within the context of relationships and beyond it.

Sex Geek

– Raven Kaldera, “The Polyamory Contract”  


So I spent the bulk of this weekend in Ottawa, and one of the things I did there was teach a polyamory / non-monogamy workshop at Venus Envy. It was cool! Great turnout (22, woo-hoo!), thoughtful people, and a wide range of experiences – from total non-monog newbie to lifetime poly folk. Very interesting.

Normally when I teach, I really like to make things really interactive. But I’ve noticed that sometimes that’s not satisfying to people. For a lot of folks, when they show up to a workshop, they really want to come out of it with concrete, practical tools that will help them incorporate a new philosophy or practice into their lives. Now, telling people how to live their lives is kinda obnoxious, in my humble opinion, so I’m usually loath to approach a topic as though I have the monopoly on know-how. Especially when…

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Love unlimited: or why Polyamory is good for you!

I have been obsessing about Love ever since I was 12 and fell in love for the first time. My life over the next few years could easily be fit in one word: misery. There has been nothing I have ever wanted more than to love and be loved and thus throughout my teenage years … Continue reading Love unlimited: or why Polyamory is good for you!