Jordan and the Occult: exploring magic beliefs in the Middle East

Beliefs in magic, the evil eye, jinn and other occult practices are common-place in Jordan and throughout Islamic societies. The complex nature of magic beliefs positions them in the intersection of religion, superstition and the human desire to define and overcome the unknown. In this article Maggie Nazer takes on the challenge to tell a multifaceted story about the intriguing and controversial subject of magic beliefs in the Middle East.

Faces of Palestine

This is an excerpt from a Middle East Eye article I published in the summer reflecting on the social documentary project my dear friend Asala Salhab and I carried out on the West Bank, Palestine in the summer of 2014 🙂  Despite the war in Gaza and the intense military operations carried out recently by Israeli … Continue reading Faces of Palestine

No “Occupied Palestinian Territories”

Today I attended the Celebration of the International Day of Jerusalem in Sofia which featured talks by the Palestinian and Iranian Embassadors in Bulgaria and other high profile individuals related to the politics of the Middle East. The talks all revolved aroun the current situation in Gaza and on the West Bank, so at the … Continue reading No “Occupied Palestinian Territories”

Last day at work: Happiness in Palestine.

Today was my last day working at the Hebron Youth Development Center as an intern. The amazing performance and exhibition which the participants in my leadership training "Art for Social Change" organized were exceptional. It was exceptional what they managed to do just in two short days of preparation left on their own. It was … Continue reading Last day at work: Happiness in Palestine.

My 21st Birthday in Palestine

In second grade I invited my classmates and friends from school to celebrate my birthday. My mom and I cooked all day and prepared a one-of-a-kind home-made Barbie-like cake with a real doll inside. It was perfect. When nobody came I stayed at our apartment's balcony hoping that people are just late, crying. The only … Continue reading My 21st Birthday in Palestine

You know what “Occupation” means, right? (A lesson from a failed educator! :P)

Today I led my first class of English for beginners at the Hebron YDRC. The group for beginners will meet every Tuesday and Thursday and I was very excited to finally start teaching after spending last week correcting placement tests and preparing lesson plans 🙂 I had scheduled a program of diverse activities aiming to … Continue reading You know what “Occupation” means, right? (A lesson from a failed educator! :P)

Yet another day in Hebron: Protests and Clashes

I work at the Hebron Youth Development Resource Center and I live in what is known as Beit al Tafl, probably the biggest center for youth and children in the West Bank. As we were about  to finish work today, my collegues told me there were shootings and gas bombs thrown nearby by the Israeli … Continue reading Yet another day in Hebron: Protests and Clashes

Day 1 and Arrival: the magic of excitement

I arrived at the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport in Israel at 00.15 on the 23rd of May after what I know was the longest and most stressful travel experience I've ever had. It all started in New York as I was told I can not board my flight to Moscow as my flight to … Continue reading Day 1 and Arrival: the magic of excitement

Metta Orientation

Amidst all the confusion and exhaustion of Orientation our Middview trips made it possible for us to run away from shaking hands and urging to remember as many names as possible. This was an opportunity to ground yourself, reflect on what being yourself at this new place would be like and in the same time- spend … Continue reading Metta Orientation