Counteracting the impact of domestic violence on future relationships: an autobiographical case study

I have often found myself struggling in intimate relationships because I haven’t known whether to trust my feelings or trust others in challenging interpersonal situations. Had I had positive relationship models, I have thought, it would have been easier to know what is normal and what is not in a relationship. How do adults behave around each other when they are together in a healthy relationship? How much silence is acceptable? How much conflict? When things don’t work, how do we make them better in a sustainable way, without creating unhealthy dependence or losing the connection? How does one accept the existence of other realities without invalidating her commitment to her own experience? If one allows for the possibility that hers is not the only perspective, how can one keep the integrity of having her own judgement and stand firmly behind her own truth?

Jordan and the Occult: exploring magic beliefs in the Middle East

Beliefs in magic, the evil eye, jinn and other occult practices are common-place in Jordan and throughout Islamic societies. The complex nature of magic beliefs positions them in the intersection of religion, superstition and the human desire to define and overcome the unknown. In this article Maggie Nazer takes on the challenge to tell a multifaceted story about the intriguing and controversial subject of magic beliefs in the Middle East.

The exploration begins: first steps alone in Freetown

English below 🙂 Продължавам с още мъничко детайли за Неделята си, която само бегло описах в предишния пост. Сиералеонците, вече съм установила, въобще не признават времето, когато ти кажат, че ще се срещнете "след малко", това може да бъде от 5 минути до няколко часа. Така половин ден чаках Арнолд уж да дойде да ме … Continue reading The exploration begins: first steps alone in Freetown

First impressions from Sierra Leone

English below! 🙂 След дълги часове прекарани в чакане и път най-накрая се отзовах на летището Лунги в Сиера Леоне. Бързо си взех багажа и не след дълго ме заобиколиха група мъже, предлагащи ми най-учтиво различни възможности за превоз до Фрийтаун, столицата на Сиера Леоне. Мястото, където се намира летището е отделено от Фрийтаун със … Continue reading First impressions from Sierra Leone

No “Occupied Palestinian Territories”

Today I attended the Celebration of the International Day of Jerusalem in Sofia which featured talks by the Palestinian and Iranian Embassadors in Bulgaria and other high profile individuals related to the politics of the Middle East. The talks all revolved aroun the current situation in Gaza and on the West Bank, so at the … Continue reading No “Occupied Palestinian Territories”

Last day at work: Happiness in Palestine.

Today was my last day working at the Hebron Youth Development Center as an intern. The amazing performance and exhibition which the participants in my leadership training "Art for Social Change" organized were exceptional. It was exceptional what they managed to do just in two short days of preparation left on their own. It was … Continue reading Last day at work: Happiness in Palestine.

Books that Inspire! For Palestine campaign at Middlebury College

Thanks to the Center for Careers and Internships (CCI) at Middlebury College, this summer I will intern in Hebron Youth Development Resource Center (YDRC) in the West Bank, Palestine. This is the first of a series of initiatives I am planning to implement hoping to contribute for the empowerment of young people in Palestine. Books … Continue reading Books that Inspire! For Palestine campaign at Middlebury College

Destination Recreation: Christmas Tree Farms

Destination Recreation: Christmas Tree Farms. Here I am on the Vermont WCAX TV Channel Check out the vid and don't mind my hair! MIDDLEBURY, Vt. - WCAX Whether it's already cut and waiting or still hiding in the field, a tree farm can hold that perfect centerpiece for your holiday living room. And at Werner … Continue reading Destination Recreation: Christmas Tree Farms