The Reign of Monogamy

This is a sociology paper for my Society and the Individual Class taught by the great Jamie MacCallum 🙂 Durkheim and the reign of monogamy I started practicing polyamory[1] three years ago in an attempt to free myself of the unbearable attachment, dependency and conditionality that came with monogamous relationships. Needy, shattered and incapable to … Continue reading The Reign of Monogamy

Destination Recreation: Christmas Tree Farms

Destination Recreation: Christmas Tree Farms. Here I am on the Vermont WCAX TV Channel Check out the vid and don't mind my hair! MIDDLEBURY, Vt. - WCAX Whether it's already cut and waiting or still hiding in the field, a tree farm can hold that perfect centerpiece for your holiday living room. And at Werner … Continue reading Destination Recreation: Christmas Tree Farms

Say “Yes!”

I simply Love, Love, Love this movie! "Yes man" is a movie about saying "Yes!" to Life's opportunities and moreover- recognizing them! Life is full of miracles and wonders, Love, Joy, Fun, Friendship, Learning and Growth. In every moment and at any place. It is all about taking self-responsibility for our feelings and actions, and … Continue reading Say “Yes!”