No “Occupied Palestinian Territories”

Today I attended the Celebration of the International Day of Jerusalem in Sofia which featured talks by the Palestinian and Iranian Embassadors in Bulgaria and other high profile individuals related to the politics of the Middle East. The talks all revolved aroun the current situation in Gaza and on the West Bank, so at the … Continue reading No “Occupied Palestinian Territories”

Little daily insight #2

Something I found within my collection of letters which I once again need to practice: What I have personally found is that The secret of living is giving. You are very close to this already, I believe. Yet, I suspect there is a big chance that you might miss something that is not so easy … Continue reading Little daily insight #2

Interview (with) me!

This interview was first published in Mladiinfo's Artcle zone! Interview done by Emilija Georgievska Magi Nazer is a 19-year-old girl from Bulgaria with an amazing background in the NGO sector. In fact, I am pretty sure that you would never expect for such a young person to have been to Thailand and Bali. Well, this … Continue reading Interview (with) me!

Mindfulness is the fruit of a loving spirit

I was thinking about acceptance and being in peace with yourself and with the others and then I reminded myself of a situation which took place during my stay in Bali after the Global Youth Forum. I was couchsurfing with some people and we always stayed late in the night and then hoped to get … Continue reading Mindfulness is the fruit of a loving spirit